Monthly Archives: March 2019

The purpose of debt consolidation in the private sector is to combine multiple or multiple different, often smaller, liabilities into a single new loan or loan. In most cases, consolidation saves money right away. Experience has shown that a new borrowing in the result is significantly cheaper than the previous debt with its different interest… Read Article →

The acceptance of a car loan depends on many criteria such as your income, your debt ratio and your situation. With these elements, financial institutions evaluate your repayment capabilities and measure their risk. What are your repayment capabilities? You have found the car of your dreams and, to finance it, want to get a car… Read Article →

Debt Consolidation “Refund Guarantee Campaign” Implemented “Refund guarantee campaign” requests debt consolidation (overpayment refund request, arbitrage reduction, civil rehabilitation, self-bankruptcy) during the campaign period (November 4th to 30th), and if the result is not satisfied, request If it is less than 90 days from you, you will refund the entire proceeds. The debt settlement was… Read Article →

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