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The purpose of debt consolidation in the private sector is to combine multiple or multiple different, often smaller, liabilities into a single new loan or loan.

In most cases, consolidation saves money right away. Experience has shown that a new borrowing in the result is significantly cheaper than the previous debt with its different interest and payment conditions.

What should be considered in the debt consolidation

A consolidation offers itself at the latest when it is clear that the existing debt burden can not be permanently reduced. The monthly recurring payments for various small loans and liabilities can not be reduced, but rise by the lending rates. The syndicated loan, an installment or credit line, the credit card credit card and other liabilities in the mail order and online businesses add up to a bottom line, which rises rather than sinks. The payments are due on a weekly basis on different dates, for which the necessary balance must be available on the current account. The only way out of this situation is debt consolidation. It immediately brings a tangible relief in every respect.

In the future, a single loan payment will be due monthly. It can be scheduled in such a time that the current account always has a credit balance. The effective interest rate for the consolidation loan is definitely much cheaper than the interest on the disposition and credit card loan, but also for the smaller loans in the mail order business. For the borrower it goes after the consolidation in the truest sense of the word up. With each monthly payment, the debt repayment loan is repaid. Due to the favorable interest rate, especially during the current low-interest phase, it is possible to save at least a double-digit amount on a monthly basis. The money remains in the checking account and can be used elsewhere.

In many cases, debt consolidation involves switching to another financial institution.

The person concerned has to look for a bank or savings bank that literally carries along a consolidation because of its financial situation and its poor credit rating. The account holder is not involved in the debt consolidation itself. The liabilities are replaced by transfers directly from bank to bank. As a result, a single credit account with the new credit institution remains on the consolidation loan taken up there. The borrower must now make sure that all previous liabilities in the database of the private credit agency be deleted.

At the same time the new debt consolidation loan is registered as information in the . She is obliged to update her database. In order to fulfill this obligation, the must receive the necessary information from the creditors. Experience has shown that this is done after a few weeks and should finally be checked by a free self-report, to which every citizen once a year has a legal claim.

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Debt Consolidation “Refund Guarantee Campaign” Implemented

“Refund guarantee campaign” requests debt consolidation (overpayment refund request, arbitrage reduction, civil rehabilitation, self-bankruptcy) during the campaign period (November 4th to 30th), and if the result is not satisfied, request If it is less than 90 days from you, you will refund the entire proceeds.

The debt settlement was generated simultaneously with requesting work and in principle it was not refunded even if the contract was canceled halfway.

Even a lawyer or a who receives a request will be extremely troubled because it will become unnecessary before time and time to cancel the mandate contract easily after starting work. Therefore, in the case of canceling the mandate contract by the circumstances of the client, we do not refund the proceeds money paid so far.

Instead, when asking our office to arrange debt, a receives customer consultation directly, and after consenting, we have a delegation agreement. And, because the will take responsibility with the responsibility, we do not treat it like “refund all funds” in the case of discontinuing work due to the circumstances of the client.

If it is within 90 days from the request, refund all funds to start with?

If you are not satisfied with the result, it seems that it is very conscientious to refund the funds in full. However, the condition “if it is within 90 days from the request” may be a problem.

I do not know what schedule the law firm in the article is going through, but at least in the case of our office it is when we asked for arbitrary sorting, self-bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation. Even though it is usual that results will not come out within 90 days of your request .

Regardless of which debt consolidation procedure you are going to do, we will first send you a notice of acceptance to all creditors and conduct a credit investigation. Especially when the number of creditors is large, it usually takes more than one month to answer only.

After that, we will decide the debt consolidation policy and proceed with the procedure, but in parallel therewith, if it is also carrying out the funding of the in the case of installment payment, it will soon be about 3 months . Therefore, I think that there are few cases in which the results come out within 90 days from the request and it can be determined whether or not they were satisfied.

If you think that it is “safe because there is a refund guarantee,” it may be better to ask in advance whether the result will come out within 90 days from the request. In addition, since I only saw the above-mentioned article and the site of the office, there may be factual misunderstandings, but I recommend you ask a question after asking anyway until it is satisfactory.

” Can we pay in installments of inherited bank card loan obligations? “

” Can we arrange debt payment for shopping rebate payment? “

For consultation to Office of 1 minute

At office yoin one minute walk, I value the request from individual customers who inquired about the website and inquired. Since all responds directly to consultation, we can consult with confidence. Since consultation is a perfect reservation system, please be sure to book when you come .

For consultation reservation, please call toll-free, please see the consultation reservation · inquiry form page.

※ Matsudo’s office does not receive free consultation by telephone only.

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