Finance your scooter with a personal payday loan

Formerly a prerogative of young people in need of activity, the two-wheeler has quickly become the practical vehicle par excellence, which now affects all ages and social strata. Teenagers and dynamic executives find themselves side by side in transport, taking advantage of the excellent price-effectiveness ratio of the machine. Ideal for short distances, the scooter makes it possible to sneak into the city, where the big engine is blocked, to carry out races in a few moments or to walk in campaign like Dolce Vita.

Motorizations as far as the eye can see

Motorizations as far as the eye can see

The scooter market is divided into three classes of motorization: less than 125 cm3, 125 cm3 and more than 125 cm3. The first two cases do not require a special permit if you have the B license for more than two years. Otherwise, up to 50 cm3, you must hold the Road Safety Certificate (BSR) and the Road Safety School Certificate (ASSR). Keep in mind that since 2011, a 7-hour training is required for B license holders to drive a 125cc scooter. For other engine sizes over 125 cm3, you will need to pass the motorcycle license.

A template to choose according to your needs

A template to choose according to your needs

For infrequent use or small distances, the best is to acquire a 50 cm3, perfectly cut for this purpose. If you want to use it to get to work, especially in the city, you will consider buying a model of 125 cm3 or more. Same fight if you take the highway or make for longer journeys. From a design point of view, there are very sporty models, others that rely on comfort…

A time to adapt…

A time to adapt...

Easy to handle, vector of a feeling of freedom, the scooter is the happiness of its users. Suspicion all the same because a car and a two-wheeled do not brake the same way. Some reflexes acquired on big engine must be reconsidered in scooter, and in particular the little visibility of the machine. Be vigilant and try your new mount in a low-traffic place, the time to gain confidence and confidence.

… another to equip himself!

... another to equip himself!

The vulnerability of motorcycle drivers is commonly accepted. Although the helmet has long been mandatory on board, the fact remains that the spectacular appearance of two-wheeled cruises must lead to an increased reflection on this theme.

To equip accordingly, the boots will prevent you from fracturing your ankle in case of fall. Regarding the helmet, an integral will protect you much better in case of a fall than a structure in the bowl.

… another to get it financed!

... another to get it financed!

As part of the purchase of a two-wheeler, Cashimogu offers specific financing, particularly through its vehicle loan. To best adapt your credit to the purchase of a scooter, do not hesitate to use the simulation tool available online or to consult Cashimogu advisors to obtain all the necessary information of your personal payday loan (duration, monthly payments, rates, total cost of credit, etc.). By finalizing your credit application online, you will get a first immediate policy response.