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Suppose you want to borrow an amount of 25,000 euros. There are then a number of different loan forms available. Each with its specific characteristics and associated advantages and disadvantages. In any case, it is certain that you cannot borrow these types of higher amounts by means of a credit on your checking account or by taking out a mini loan.

Below we list a number of options that may be suitable for borrowing 25,000 euros. The spending objective is decisive for the right choice, in other words, what do you want to use the money for?

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Borrow 25,000 euros with personal loan

An online loan for bad credit, which redirect to Greendayonline is a form of loan where you know exactly where you stand. If you meet all the conditions and requirements, the amount you want to borrow will be transferred to your account. 

This way you will not be faced with any surprises and you know exactly when you have repaid this loan. Repaying extra on a personal loan is possible, but often you pay a kind of “penalty interest”. In case you take out a personal loan and you use the money (demonstrably) for the purchase, renovation or improvement of the first home, the interest on this is tax-deductible.

Second mortgage

Second mortgage

Borrowing 25,000 euros through taking out a second mortgage is a possibility that we certainly do not want to withhold from you. The mortgage interest is considerably lower than the interest on consumer credit (personal loan or revolving credit). There are often costs associated with taking out a second mortgage.

So it is good to calculate well in advance if this is an interesting option for you. Here, too, the interest is tax-deductible if you use the borrowed amount for renovation or improvement of your first home. If you use the money for other things, then this tax benefit will pass you by.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit

Borrowing 25,000 euros by taking out a revolving credit is borrowing with flexible nature. If you meet the requirements and conditions of the lender, the money will be deposited into your account. You will repay this loan in monthly installments. In most cases, you can opt for a fixed or variable interest rate. As a result, the amount of the monthly installments may vary (in the case of an interest rate change with a variable interest rate).

In principle, the term is infinite, because with a revolving credit you have the option of re-using repaid amounts. This can be nice if you are once faced with a financial setback. You can always repay penalty-free extra on a revolving credit. With this form of credit, the interest is not tax-deductible.